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Tanzindia Magazine Volume 6

Tanzindia Magazine Whatever project may be undertaken, the results are based on the leadership driving the process. With all the above activities going on, there were champions leading the process and in our daily lives too, we are or we have leaders who drive various activities to the conclusion. Leadership is closely associated with mentoring [...]

What Is Travel Insurance?

What Is Travel Insurance? Tanzindia Assurance Explains There are many things to consider when planning a vacation or trip outside Tanzania – where to go, what to pack, and what to do once you get there. No matter how well you plan, though, there are some things that are out of your control. below are about [...]

Want to be an agent ?

Want to be an Agent? Want to become a Tanzindia Insurance Agent? Here are the requirements: A minimum academic qualification of fourth form / O ’level. Preferably C.O.P. qualification / undergraduate. Current/previous experience in selling general insurance is desirable. Ability to meet and talk to people, identify and convince prospects, sincerity, and trust in the [...]